The conquest to the greatest rescue mission in the universe.

Zayah, the only daughter of the King of Riznor, Jarvan III, used heartbroken when her father was assassinated by the usurper, Reneton and then entire kingdom of Riznor joined her in mourning. However, bent on having revenge and justice, she gathered an alliance and marched her armies against the crown. After a month of fighting, the last remnants of her forces were crushed on the Battle of Bothawui. However, Reneton knew that by killing her, he wouldn't be able to win the heart of the people of Riznor. So, he showed mercy and cast her essence out into wild space so she could never form a rebellion again and assumed his position as the King of Riznor. Zayah floated in space for years till she came upon Earth and inhabited the body of a dying girl. Her family was amazed and surprised and yet happily accepted her back into their lives. They didn't know Zayah was the actual person in that body and that way Zayah got to start a new life all over again. She became close with her sister, Nancy, and soon they became inseparable.

One night, walking back home through an alley, they were ambushed and both of them got abducted. When Zayah next woke up, she saw a friend who she hadn't seen since the days of the rebellion, Garen. He tells her that he was able to come and save her but they took her sister somewhere else. According to him, Reneton several of his generals scouring the universe and one of them, Nautilus, came to Earth. They have been searching for Zayah to capture the last hope of Riznor as the people still don't approve of Reneton's rule and have been waiting ever since for the true heiress to return. So, they follow the trail, killing Nautilus's minions and following portals one after the other till they finally arrive at the cave where Nautilus appears to have taken up residence. We see our sister there locked up and break her out. Garen says that he'll get her to safety but it would be wise for us to stay behind and kill Nautilus or he will keep on coming after them. Zayah stays there and waits for Nautilus and defeats him after a long and tedious battle so that she can return home safely to her new family.

Vaibhav J Desai

USC Graduate Student

Love to solve interesting problems. From past couple of years, I have been exploring different facets of this field, working on different technologies, solving some tough real-world problems. This has given me the ability to think out of the box solutions.

Nitisha Pandey

USC Graduate Student

Throughout graduation, I thrived to imbibe as much knowledge as I can on the subject through every channel that provide me with the elixir. One of the most significant projects I undertook had security based applications with day to day utility.

Prajwal G S

USC Graduate Student

Graduate student at the University of Southern California with interests in application and system software development. Seeking an internship opportunity to apply my experience in the aforementioned field.

Parikshit Saraswat

USC Graduate Student

I am passionate about games and much more about the development procedure. My main reason for pursuing the game industry is its dynamic nature which keeps on presenting newer and harder challenges that keeps me on my toes all the time. Portfolio

Deevith Nagaraj

USC Graduate Student

Passionate Coder, creative in problem solving and loves technology, a brief introduction I would say, Computer Science is my bread, butter and beer, coding difficult problems is very interesting to me. Application Development and web services connecting applications interests me a lot.

Malatesha S A

USC Graduate Student

Computer Science Graduate Student strong in Java Application Development, Web Development. Highly skilled in Java, C++, PHP, DBMS with database analysis and design. Strong written and verbal communications. Interested in a challenging technical track career in an application development .